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Rates & Office Hours


My current rate is $250 per hour.  


My retainer depends on the complexity and type of work to be performed.  For each trademark, a retainer in the amount of $475 will be due which includes the filing fee charged by the U.S. Trademark Office for filing the trademark application in one class.  For the preparation and drafting of each patent application, a retainer in the amount of $2500 will be due for a non-complex invention, and will increase depending on the complexity of your invention.  The retainer may or may not cover all the legal expenses for your case, and the client will be billed upon the completion, or if it is a long project, once during each month until the project is completed.


There is opportunity for exploring whether a flat rate would be applicable to your situation.  This is usually reserved for work that is in bulk, consistent and repetitive (with minor variations in what is being prepared, filed or prosecuted).  Please call me to discuss your particular situation.   


The initial consultation is free.  However, the initial consultation is for the purposes of understanding the facts of your legal problem, whether I can help you with your legal issues at the price you can afford, and whether we should enter into some type of legal relationship via a Legal Services Agreement.  If you are expecting free legal advice without having a Legal Service Agreement between you and me in place, you will most likely be disappointed.  Please also understand that the initial consultation does not automatically mean that I am your attorney, or that I am representing you.  While I am pleased to provide an initial consultation at no charge, my legal services commence after we sign a mutually acceptable Legal Services Agreement.


My office hours are Monday - Friday, 9 am to 5 pm PST.  If you call and reach my voice mail, please leave a message that includes your telephone number and the time best able to reach you.  I try faithfully to return a phone call on the same day or sometime during the next day.

PHONE: 949.395.3942


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